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Message: Unseen

Message: Unseen

By: Jared Ford

He said: I love you man. I'm so glad we're friends.
I love you too brotha, wink face, I replied
I'm waiting—Still waiting, How long must I abide?
They're saying you're gone?? But... this talk isn't over,
This can't be the end, this day in October
I have so much to say! No... Please... Just respond!

This should not be real, the pain that I feel.
How can it be, that it's now only me?
Where did you go? You were so quick to depart.
I'm looking! I'm searching! I'm screaming your name!
Damn it Marcus, I'm lost, no more hide and seek
It's time to come out, I need my best friend
This game I can't win, and the future looks bleak..

My brother — my kin.
 We were born as strangers, yet chose to be family
Is this not the most omnipotent bond?
When blood claims the pot, still, the hearts all-in.
Surely this endures out into the beyond
Where pain is forgotten, in the realm of the fallen
How's the view out there buddy? Please, just respond.

With all your theories, ideas, and hypotheses
tell me, of these, which were correct? 
Who holds this wisdom? Aristotle, Socrates?
Is it simpler than that? Is it love and romance?
   Is it goodwill and kinship? Is it union in God?
You must be so thrilled, to posses all these answers
Are you allowed to abscond? Please, just respond.

Do you remember our youth? Do you remember Pleasure Island?
 All the friends that we made? All those girls that we chased?
Or the heaps of trouble, that we never seemed to escape?
There was never a moment we let go to waste,
There was never an adventure we were shy to commence,
There was never a mountain our imagination couldn't climb,
And there was never an obstacle that could obstruct our friendship.

Marcus Taylor Kelley, you were my partner in crime,
 And this ethereal love, this celestial bond, 
This will never die. It will stand the test of time.
So will you wait for me buddy? Please, just respond...

 Marcus 'Taylor' Kelley
4/15/1992 - 10/15/2017


  1. This is hard to read, Jared, but thank you--I am glad to have read it.

  2. I didn't know your friend, Jared, but you did a lovely job writing this. I know it was hard for you. Love you...


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