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Finding God

 This series I call Finding God and it is an example of questions that plague me on a daily basis, and the process of my imagination, going back to my first memories... What/where/how is God, What/how/why am I? What if everything you’ve ever believed was wrong? If everything you take for granted and assume as fact, is just plain wrong… Look around you. Pick an item, anything... Odds are, you are looking at something very hard and solid. Touch it. Feel how solid it is, there is no denying that its right in front of you, that it is indeed a solid mass, right? Well, whatever solid you chose, is 99% nothing at all. In fact, there is so much empty space in that solid thing, that certain wavelengths have no trouble traveling straight through it without even the slightest collision, and it appears on the other side. At the center of each atom is a tiny nucleus situated in empty space. How much empty space? Lets use a peanut to represent the nucleus, and Wrigley Field to rep

Message: Unseen

Message: Unseen By: Jared Ford He said: I love you man. I'm so glad we're friends. I love you too brotha, wink face, I replied I'm waiting—Still waiting, How long must I abide? They're saying you're gone?? But... this talk isn't over, This can't be the end, this day in October I have so much to say! No... Please... Just respond! This should not be real, the pain that I feel. How can it be, that it's now only me? Where did you go? You were so quick to depart. I'm looking! I'm searching! I'm screaming your name! Damn it Marcus, I'm lost, no more hide and seek It's time to come out, I need my best friend This game I can't win, and the future looks bleak.. My brother — my kin.  We were born as strangers, yet chose to be family Is this not the most omnipotent bond? When blood claims the pot, still, the hearts all-in. Surely this endures out into the beyond Where pain is forgotten, in the re

Blood Brothers - Part 2

Blood Brothers - Part 2 By: Jared Ford If you haven't already read Part 1,  click here " Shh... listen? Do you hear that?" Mikey leaned forward and flicked off the lantern, plunging us into total darkness.   "What?" I said. "I heard voices. Far off. Unintelligible, but definitely voices" he whispered. My brother's typically bombastic voice rarely reduces to a whisper, so I knew he was sincere. This was not good. How could they have found this mine? Even the locals on this island hardly knew of its location. I had only found it by accident when one of my more eccentric buddies insisted we hike and hunt for gold placer deposits along remote streams in the canyons.  Even then, the entrance was so covered in growth and hanging vines that we could've walked right by and never noticed. They must have followed our tire tracks. I led them right to us. I was in such a rush before, that thought had never occurred to me until now.

An American Slaughter

An American Slaughter In memory of the Las Vegas Massacre victims By: Jared Ford The darkness is thick today.  The sensation of weight, drags my heart low within, Doubt & confusion convert my mind into haze. It will not relinquish, in these coming days, As stories are told & pictures are shown. While our joyfulness weakens, national unity deepens. When an American dies, there is no divide. Alone, their blood spills, but together, we bleed.  Anger is here, but for now, we must grieve. For our brothers and sisters, our lovers, our children, These were our future, stolen & frozen. Preserved in the past, let them not die in vain. Remember this feeling, the heartbreak, the pain, The anger that follows, supplying rage like a viper, Let it permeate your thoughts, that cowardly sniper! An American died! An American died!  "We'll get those responsible, may they burn evermore!" "