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50 Shades of America

The United States of America.   Doesn't feel so "United" right now, does it? If you've watched the news, logged into social media, or just visited the internet in the past 2 years, then you're probably more than aware of the ideological divide in America these days.  So what happened?  I think one of the first and foremost issues at hand, is that Americans have forgotten what exactly an  American looks like. In today's world of hand-picked news, feedback loops, and "safe spaces", it's become effortless to only see and hear those people that you agree with. Suddenly your preferred image and audience is easy to see and anything else that challenges your views can be simply blocked, removed, or unfollowed. It becomes easy to believe that a "real American" is someone who looks, talks, and thinks a lot like you do.   We forget that this nation is made up of 50 independent states, smaller de facto nations, that vary i

Dream 1-8-18

Dream 1-8-18 I kicked the snow off my boot, placed it in the bindings, and strapped the snowboard to my feet. I was just about to kick off when I noticed a fresh path above me, off to the left. I could huff it up there and that could be my fresh powder… Ok, screw it. I undid my straps and started trudging up through the deep snow when — OW! What the fuck? My left ear was being electrocuted, causing my head to twitch to the side. I ripped off my sunglasses and the pain stopped. What? It felt as if that electrical surge was coming from the end of my sunglasses. I picked them up, squeezed on the end of the left side, and noticing a small bulge within, proceeded in trying to crush it.  That’s when I thought I had truly lost it, because I could have sworn I heard sounds squeaking out of it… Hesitantly, I lifted the glasses back to my head, hovered them just above where they would’ve sat on my ears. “Do not crush that Jared! This is extremely rare and expensive technolo