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Heroins Guise Does Blossom

By: Jared Ford
West Virginia "Almost Heaven"
 ironic foreshadowing the minds infected the hearts distracted their attention directed to the new ruler of Heaven new savior of the forgotten There's a new hero in town and her name is Heroine
GIVE ME YOUR OPPRESSED  and I'll give them Opiates!  Oxycontin, or Percocet or Roxys, or Fentanyl! fuss not over the name for the results all the same! an escape from your worries, an escape from your life
 So come out of that log cabin, Climb aboard this bandwagon! Think not of your wife or the toil and strife of a pressing days labor, half the wage of your neighbor.

No need to make amends
to deter your fleeing friends.
Just frequent the drugstore and I'll settle the score. I'll cleanse their memory
from any future reverie. All aboard the Death Wagon, I've got a seat just for you!
Herein lies the problem,
Heroins guise does blossom:
In a land where those who feel flawed,
unworthy of God,
are lost in it's heavenly f…