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Finding God

 This series I call Finding God and it is an example of questions that plague me on a daily basis, and the process of my imagination, going back to my first memories... What/where/how is God, What/how/why am I?

What if everything you’ve ever believed was wrong? If everything you take for granted and assume as fact, is just plain wrong… Look around you. Pick an item, anything... Odds are, you are looking at something very hard and solid. Touch it. Feel how solid it is, there is no denying that its right in front of you, that it is indeed a solid mass, right?

Well, whatever solid you chose, is 99% nothing at all. In fact, there is so much empty space in that solid thing, that certain wavelengths have no trouble traveling straight through it without even the slightest collision, and it appears on the other side.

At the center of each atom is a tiny nucleus situated in empty space. How much empty space? Lets use a peanut to represent the nucleus, and Wrigley Field to represent the atom as a whole.
If you laid the peanut down on the center of Wrigley Field, you’d have a rough idea of just how much empty space surrounds a single nucleus. That’s a lot of room for activities folks. Because of all this empty space, Radio & Television waves are able to pass through your body constantly. It’s happening this very moment. Similarly, when we visit the opposite end of the spectrum, X-rays & Gamma rays are able to pass through you as well, albeit not as unnoticeable as radio waves.

If all of this extra space in a human body were suddenly withdrawn into itself, an entire human would fit within one grain of sand. If God truly created man from dust, it becomes easier to understand that that symbolism could be quite literal. You are one piece of dust, filled and energized with empty space.

So if ourselves, and most everything we know, is in fact mostly nothing at all… how does that change what we think or how we interact with the world? If everything is made out of nothing, yet, nothing is everything then I just am and you just are.

In the Old Testament, God tells Moses one of his many names is Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, or I Am That I Am, frequently choosing the shorter I AM. An all-powerful creator undoubtedly knows more of the fabric of reality than we ever will, but perhaps the students are finally learning from the sage, it’s had to be pounded into us.

 I AM sounds like an entity aware of himself, he is nothing and he is everything at the same time, he simply is, just as I am. And this is the reality of everything, where there is warm there is cold, where there is light, there must be dark, where there is left, there must be right, up & down, male & female, life & death. Everything in existence follows these dichotomous laws, where it stems from the ultimate of all dualities: nothing & everything.

Created in his image, God is a part of us, and we are a part of God. The divine is within all of us, and the ability to be self-aware is a godly gift. Like God, we too can create. Our imagination can and has led to many achievements, arts, medicines, inventions, scientific & spiritual realizations, and so much more. Is it not a bit exciting and humbling to think of yourself as godly? Are we not small scale representations of God himself? If so, it is our brains that are the most god-like feature in us and it is there where these realizations take place.

Take a moment to look at this image of your brains neuron network, and the most-zoomed out image of the universe we have created using microwave imaging. The similarities are too alike to chalk up to chance or coincidence…

 So, let’s revisit the human/god connection.

Man was created by God, an all knowing, powerful creator, in his own image. God imagined in his godly brain, acted on it, and then decided to start creating. We were born of this creation. All of the universe is God’s creation, therefore it is his image, and we are representatives of his creation. Does this mean God appears human? Or, is the only part of us that is “in His Image”, in fact, our brains. 

God wouldn’t need a form as we do on earth, but wouldn't he need a brain to think & create? With advanced microscopic imaging within ourselves, we reveal the brains neuron map & with advanced telescopic imaging far, far outside of ourselves, we reveal the universal map.

What if what we are gazing out at, the galaxies, nebulae, black holes and stars of the universe, are not the map of creation alone, but rather, a look into God’s imagination. What if everything we see is the unending creativity of an all-powerful creator at work!

I say at work, because he isn’t finished. Quantum Physics has one major flaw at the foundation of its study. It cannot explain how, or why, our universe is expanding, and not only that, but accelerating rapidly. All understandings of gravity state that the expansion should be slowing down instead. This is a big problem and as scientists worldwide try to solve this problem, using intense knowledge and understanding of mathematical and logical principals for their hypotheses, I propose my own hypotheses, devoid of math and logic:

 The observable universe is God’s brain, and it is still at work, creating and perfecting at the speed of existence (the speed at which the universe is expanding) and there is no way to know when he will choose to stop, for he is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

Further, if we believe that our brain is Gods image, and that he likely created other life among this
universe, they could look wildly different from us, and would only have to have similar brain structure to also be “in his image”. Might we have some cosmic cousins out there, aware of themselves and their creator, somewhere?

For now, walk a little lighter, knowing that you are nothing more than a heavy speck of star dust, full of empty air, striding across a spinning blue rock, floating in empty space around a bright, spherical fireball, held in with gravity, within a galaxy holding millions of spherical fireballs, rocketing away through more empty space towards a gravity defying edge that doesn’t exist yet, shouldn’t exist at all, yet is all too real.

 Sounds crazy right?


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